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“Zach Counsil is the best!

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn the craft of stage combat.”

– John Koensgen, Fight Director

(National Arts Center, Canada)



a fight director

Is your violence under control? Hire Zach!


Safety and clarity are paramount to the success of any violent scene in stage and film. A Fight Director provides choreography that delivers dynamic and exciting storytelling, while ensuring the safety of everyone involved. Zach has choreographed many intricate fight scenes, of varying combat styles, for large and small productions alike.


From Romeo & Juliet, Peter Pan, Macbeth, The Three Musketeers, The Servant of Two Masters, All’s Well That Ends Well, and Sherlock Holmes… to The 39 Steps, The Maltese Bodkin, After Juliet, Desdemona, The League of Extraordinary Gentlepeople, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Violence of any kind deserves a careful and considered approach. Your performers, and the story, deserve it.


Small Title



Learn the craft!

Schools, Theatre Academies, Work Parties, Drama classes,  LARPers, Role Players... Whatever your background, whatever your application, we can find a workshop that's right for you!

Zach has taught courses and workshops for Algonquin College, St. Lawrence College, Carlton University, The Great Canadian Theatre Company, The Ottawa Theatre School, The Magnetic North Theatre Festival, and The Acting Company.

Contact me for more details!

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